About Design & Stuff

Design & Stuff is a one-man ecomm factory, run by Sami Keinänen, creating web shops and solving problems.

Vino Nostrum

Vino Nostrum is a natural wine shop with two brick & mortar wine bars in Paris and Tallinn — and of course the online shop, delivering all…

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Hops United

Hops United was an online beer shop, a marketplace for craft beer and some excellent Belgium gems. Buying and selling beer in Finland is…

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Sibelius Poster

A little project to pay a tribute to my current home town hero Jean Sibelius made in collaboration with a friend of mine. We came up with…

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Strömfors Bed & Bistro

Picturesque B&B in historical factory area in Strömfors, Loviisa, Finland. Great food and most excellent outdoor area in Eastern Finland.…

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Stadin & co.

Stadin&Co-konsepti palvelee sinua ammattitaidolla jokaisen sesongin aikana. Tuoreet ja tarkoin valikoidut raaka-aineet toimitetaan Keravan…

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Unearthed Wines 2018

Unearthed Wines Fair 2018 in Helsinki.

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  • Designer, Consultant & Entrepreneur at Design & Stuff, Helsinki, Finland
  • Chief Beer Officer, Co-Founder at Hops United Ltd.
    • Hops United is an international online beer shop connecting breweries and beer fans., Tallinn, Estonia
  • Creative Director, partner at Motley Agency, Helsinki, Finland
  • Chief Creative Officer at All Things Commerce Helsinki Ltd., Helsinki, Finland
  • Digital Planner at SEK Demo, Helsinki, Finland
    • SEK Demo is an incubator, which aspires to develop and test new digital concepts for clients and the whole industry. Apart from SEK, the incubator will make use of the resources and knowledge of its Salomaa Group affiliates, Dagmar, Adsek and Mediacom.
  • Creative Director at Skandaali Publicis Worldwide, Helsinki, Finland
  • Planner at Fruugo, Helsinki, Finland
  • Digital Planner at hasan & partners, Helsinki, Finland
  • Planner at Morning Digital Design, Helsinki, Finland
  • Creative Planner & Concept Designer at Satama Interactive, Helsinki, Finland
  • Interactive Designer at Banner Corporation PLC, London, UK
    • Marketing agency that is 100% focused on technology companies. Banner set up an interactive departmant as part of their creative department and I was privledged to part of the very international agency in London, UK. I worked for Sony, Adobe, Cisco and Novell to name few interesting clients, responsible of concepts and production of all sorts of interactive bits and pieces.
  • Co-Founder / Designer at Mediakellari Productions
    • Small agency of three enthusiastic students. Worked for University of Turku, Telia Infomedia Interactive (Sirkus.com) and Ad agency Lahtinen & Mantere. Most importantly we produced web magazine called Wannabes.
  • R & D trainee at Sonera Oyj (New Communication Services), Helsinki, Finland
    • My short but eye-opening adventure in telcom world.
  • Webdesigner at Sirkus.com, Turku, Finland
    • Finnish web portal ran and owned by Telia.
  • Webdesigner (interim & freelance) at Lahtinen & Mantere, Turku, Finland